Milk for under-fives


 Why provide free nursery milk?


Providing free milk is a great way to support the health and development of those in your care. It is one of the few drinks recommended in the new voluntary food and drink guidelines for early years settings in England, so if children are currently missing out on this free entitlement now is the time to start.

Milk is an ideal mid-morning drink and is the perfect accompaniment to fruit- download our factsheet to find out more.

For more information on the benefits of milk, and information on the types of milk we offer please click here or alternatively, call 0844 854 5886.

 Mid-morning snack time factsheet


How can Cool Milk help?



As you may be aware, every child under the age of five is entitled to a free 189ml serving of milk whilst in attendance at any Ofsted or charity registered day care provider.

Here at Cool Milk we understand that offering nursery milk can be an administrative and financial burden. That’s why we offer a milk scheme that is free, simple and doesn't use valuable funds or resources.


Free milk for any child under the age of five in registered daycare.

No more milk bills as the dairy will invoice us direct, meaning you will never have to pay for any nursery milk again. Free milk that is truly free!

No more waiting for reimbursement as we pay the invoice on your behalf, freeing up vital resources.

No more milk claim paperwork as we will complete a claim on your behalf and submit it for reimbursement into our bank account.

No need to compile a CSV file as we will create and submit this on your behalf. Recent changes to the way free milk claims are processed by the NMRU now requires everyone to submit their claim in CSV file format. 

Award-winning customer support.

Free plastic beakers for every child, with a handy 'fill-to' line to ensure every child the ideal portion. 



Want to find out more?  
Check out the case studies from nurseries throughout the UK that use the Cool Milk scheme.

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