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Cool Milk operates and administers school milk schemes in partnership with Local Authorities across schools, pre-schools, nurseries and PVIs (Private, Voluntary and Independent settings).  
We are the UK's leading Local Authority-approved scheme that:  
Purchases milk from your nominated dairy - the school or nursery receives no dairy bills.  
Completes all claim paperwork and administration free of charge.  
Provides a free fridge and promotional material for all schools that use our 'full-school milk scheme'.  
"At a time when we are all facing budget pressures, we would recommend Cool Milk's service to any Local Authority looking to reduce costs whilst retaining a strong service level for their schools and nurseries"

Stephen Hetenyi,
Support Services Manager, Gloucestershire County Council

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  Who we work with
Finance benefits include...  
Free milk for under-fives, fully funded by the Department of Health.  
Milk for over-fives, subsidised by the Rural Payments Agency and the E.U.  
Free milk for over-fives entitled to free school meals.*  
Cool Milk fully administers the Nursery Milk Reimbursement Unit (NMRU) claim and the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) claim, free of charge, removing administration costs and the hourly rate of a finance team member to process claims.  
Cool Milk's state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) system ensures strong process management between customers and suppliers.   
A fully integrated invoicing and claims process eliminates errors and reduces costs.   
Catering benefits include...   
Cool Milk pays the dairy for the milk and fully administers the whole process including school orders, dairy deliveries, invoice matching, audit trails, NMRU claims and RPA claims.   
We deal with any day-to-day dairy delivery issues and order amendments.  
We manage milk schemes for over-fives, including supplying the children at mid-morning break and collecting funds directly from the parent.  
We support schools with educational material to aid Healthy School status and follow the Food Standard Agency guidelines on the Eatwell plate.  
Logistical benefits include...  
We can continue to work with incumbent dairies without any changes being made to their contract or any legal implications.   
We can source new local dairies providing milk from local cows and farmers.  
Cool Milk purchases the milk on behalf of the Local Authority through the existing dairy, as part of a tri-party agreement.  
There's no cash transaction between the Local Authority and Cool Milk, we continue to purchase all school milk, so there are no contractual or legal obstacles.  
We work with dairies to increase the daily number of milk drinkers.  

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* Available in selected areas only, milk subsidised by Rural Payments Agency and paid for by school or Local Authority.