Handy Back to School Tips for September

After being home over the holidays, children can find going back to school difficult. Being organised for when the term starts therefore means no last minute stress for you and the kids! Cool Milk has a short checklist to make sure everything will be running smoothly when your kids return back to school.

Make a list of needed back to school purchases…

Before school starts, gather the items your child uses for school. From this, you’ll be able to see what back to school purchases are needed. Going shopping for new school supplies can be one of the most fun parts about starting back in September. Consequently it can add some much needed excitement for the first day back at school!

…And ditch the old clutter

You can also see which items your child doesn’t want or items which need to be thrown out and replaced. Items get tired, worn and broken throughout the year so there might be a few surprises lurking in their school bags! Rewarding tidying up and getting rid of old clutter is a win-win for everyone; as you get organised for heading back to school.

Finish summer projects

Don’t let the kids leave all of their projects and homework until the last minute! Consequently, doing a small amount everyday, promotes healthier homework habits. This is because working in this way helps with time management and personal organisation skills.

Prepare for the first day back

We all know the first day back is chaotic and can at times feel like it needs a huge amount of planning. To help with the inevitable morning rush, prepare everything needed the night before. Iron the uniforms, get the kids to pack their school bags and the lunches prepared all the day before. You’ll be ready for the early start which will help with the back to school stresses!

Don’t forget the milk!

Finally, don’t forget to make sure your child is signed up for free school milk if they’re under five. If they’re over five, they can still have school milk ordered and ready for the first day of term.