In partnership NSPCC

Full Fat Club

Following some overindulgence over the festive period, we launched an in-house weight loss club that’s not only helping our waistlines but the NSPCC too!

Each colleague participating pays £1 per week for a 12 week period. The club works as a support group, with 28 people divided into 6 teams. All proceeds are donated to the NSPCC.

On top of the weekly donation by participants, Cool Milk donates £1 for every lb lost.

The winning results are based on percentage weight loss, with prizes for the top three, individual finishers. There is also a prize for the team who has on average, lost the most weight.

Any member losing 5% or more of their body weight will win an extra day’s holiday.

As of 9th February 2018, a total of 263lbs has been lost, which means the Full Fat Club has raised £403 for the NSPCC, so far!