The 1st January 2016 marked the first anniversary of the new School Food Standards. As part of the standards, there is legislation that stipulates that all children in primary school education must be provided with the option of lower fat drinking milk during school hours.


·         Children over 5 years may continue to receive subsidised milk, should they wish. We can offer further details, registration forms and promotional materials

·         Children entitled to benefit-based free school meals should be offered free milkContact us for more information

We have a dedicated Cool Milk Relationship Team who offer support and guidance on the new School Food Standards. Should you wish to speak with a member of this team, please feel free to contact them on 0844 557 2236 or email


Children under 5 enjoy free school milk. Did you know that once they turn 5 they can continue to receive the great benefits school milk offers – at a subsidised cost?  To register your child, simply click here and follow the on-screen instructions.



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