Cool Milk wins Outstanding Supplier of the Year award 


4 simple steps to September

If we supply your setting with school milk for both your under-fives and over-fives, please complete steps 1-4. If we supply milk to your under-fives only you need only complete step 1. Just click on the step button to get started.

Confirm your 2015/16 calendar dates

Enter your school calendar dates to ensure we only send milk when you're open. Your calendar dates also determine how much parents have to pay.

Input your 2015/16 classes 

For auditing purposes, children must be allocated to a class. Having up-to-date class lists also makes it easier when distributing the milk.

Register your under-fives for FREE school milk 

Send us a list of your new intake using our Registration Spreadsheet to ensure they receive milk on their first day at school.

Make sure your SPS list is up-to-date 

Make sure your SPS (School Payment Scheme) list only has the names of the children you wish to pay for from September.



School Food Standards 

The School Food Plan has revised standards for food and drink in schools and milk now plays a prominent part. It is now mandatory for all primary schools in England to offer lower fat milk during school hours.

The easiest and most cost effective way to achieve this standard is to work with Cool Milk. Click here for more information.



See how Cool Milk is helping Awsworth Primary School achieve the new school milk legislation.

Download the School Food Standards

Download our School Food Standards FAQ's 




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