Early years

Every child under the age of five is entitled to a free 189ml serving of milk whilst in attendance at a registered day care provider for two or more hours a day.

Here at Cool Milk we understand that offering nursery milk can be an administrative and financial burden. That’s why we offer a milk scheme that is free, simple and doesn’t use valuable funds or resources.

Running a milk scheme with Cool Milk is simple and includes many benefits that will save you time and money:

  • Fresh local milk
    Free local milk for any child under the age of five in registered day-care, delivered from a local dairy depot.
  • No more milk claim paperwork
    We will complete a claim on your behalf and submit it for reimbursement ourselves.
  • No more milk bills
    The dairy will invoice us direct, meaning you will never have to pay for any nursery milk again. Free milk that is truly free!
  • We deal with the dairy
    We will contact the dairy on your behalf if any queries arise.
  • No more waiting
    You will no longer have to wait for reimbursement because we pay the invoice. This will free up your precious resources to spend on other essential items.
  • Free fridge on loan (conditions apply)
    We will provide a free fridge on loan to help store your milk, keeping it cool and fresh for your pupils.
  • Free plastic beakers
    A free beaker for every child with a handy ‘fill-to’ line that ensures they receive their 189ml entitlement.
  • Educational materials
    We can provide educational materials that help teach children all about milk. View a selection of our factsheets here.
  • Customer support
    Dedicated and award-winning customer services.

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Cool Milk make providing free milk hassle-free, it lets us concentrate on children instead of paperwork.

Robert Clarke, Nursery Director, Little Me Nursery

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Why milk is great

See how milk at mid-morning break can benefit your children.

Fuel their potential

Early years FAQs

Please find below a list of our frequently asked questions. Click on the question below to reveal the answer. If your question is not listed below please contact us.

General information

Our milk delivery has not arrived or is incorrect. What happens now?

Milk deliveries will normally be made prior to 10:30am. In the event that your delivery has not arrived or is in any way incorrect, please contact us at deliveries@coolmilk.com. We will then contact the dairy on your behalf and advise accordingly once we have received an update from them. In the event that the depot fails to make a delivery, please confirm a non-delivery on your weekly delivery confirmation for that day. Please bear in mind that at the start of a new term the deliveries could well be running later than you would normally expect.

Why do I only receive deliveries on certain days/times of the week?

The delivery patterns are set by the local dairy depot that delivers your milk, unfortunately these cannot be amended due to the way the milk round is structured. The weekly sheets you receive may show a daily order but it may be that enough milk is delivered on a particular day to cover all the subsequent days until your next delivery arrives. Don’t forget to rotate your milk so that you use the earliest delivered milk first.

How can I amend my order details or let you know about an address change?

Simply email us at amend@coolmilk.com giving details of the number of children you wish to have milk for each day. All order amendments must be received by 5pm on Monday in order to guarantee that these take effect the following Monday. For an address change, simply send an email to amend@coolmilk.com with an attached letter-headed document outlining both your previous and new addresses and when the change is effective from. This letter must be hand-signed. Please note that we must also receive a copy of your updated care certificate reflecting your new address within 2 weeks of the move in order to prevent your account from being placed on hold.

We haven’t received our weekly list, what should we do?

Your weekly list is available to download via your online account, once you have completed your weekly delivery confirmation. The confirmation email is sent to you on your last day of the week. Alternatively you can access the confirmation page via your online account, simply go online and select ‘Manage my Account’ to login.

How do we get our weekly list for the start of a new term?

You can access your weekly list via your online account, simply go online and select ‘Manage my Account’ to login and then select “View Drinking List” option, If you have any outstanding delivery confirmations you will be requested to confirm these first and then proceed to view drinking list.

Why do you supply semi-skimmed rather than whole milk?

We provide semi-skimmed milk in line with guidance issued by the Food Standards Agency and the School Food Trust and the new government legislation and School Food Plan introduced in January 2015. You can request whole milk by emailing us at amend@coolmilk.com. The FSA says that children should switch from whole to semi-skimmed milk at the age of two, and the School Food Trust also recommends that primary school children should receive semi-skimmed rather than whole milk.

My password/email address is wrong/not recognised when I try to log in to ‘My Account’ on the website. Why is this?

Your log in email address will be the address used when you first registered with Cool Milk. Your username is generally your Cool Milk account number.

You can reset your log in details by selecting the Forgot Password option. When this has been completed you will receive a password reset email. Please note that all passwords are case sensitive. If your email address has changed please contact our Customer Service team on 0844 854 2913.

How can we let you know about a training day or a closure?

We require notification of any closure days a minimum of 10 days in advance, to allow us to amend or cancel dairy orders. Please ensure that any closure / training days are entered on your calendar via your online account. If you are experiencing any problems, please email calendars@coolmilk.com.

I have heard that some customers have received a fridge from Cool Milk – how do we go about getting one ourselves?

If your order is for 50 or more children per day, you may qualify for a fridge. To request a fridge please email us at amend@coolmilk.com.

We have received a different unit of measure than usual, why?

Cool Milk endeavours to make sure that early years settings receive milk in their preferred unit of measure. However, in the occurrence of dairy shortages or production issues we will supply you with a suitable alternative to ensure that there is no interruption in supply to children.

How long should we keep our weekly lists, delivery notes and so on?

Paperwork should be kept for a minimum of three years for auditing purposes.

How do we cancel the scheme?

Please email us at cancel@coolmilk.com.

Confirming your milk deliveries

Why do I have to confirm my milk deliveries?

In August 2012 the Department of Health’s Nursery Milk Reimbursement Unit (NMRU) introduced strict new rules to ensure the accuracy and validity of all claims made for free under-5 milk.The main change is that each setting (school, nursery, pre-school, childminder) that uses an agent such as Cool Milk, must now confirm the deliveries that they receive and the subsequent claims that Cool Milk make to the NMRU on the setting’s behalf.

Why do I have to confirm weekly?

We believe by processing the confirmation weekly this will ensure greater accuracy of the information you are providing and the subsequent claim we make to the NMRU and payment of the milk to your milkman.

How do I process my confirmation if I don’t have access to my email account or I’m unable to process the confirmation via the link in my email?

Please visit https://customers.coolmilk.com select “Manage My Account” (you will need your email address, Cool Milk customer number and Postcode). You will then be given various options and you should select View Drinking List. You will then be directed to the Delivery Confirmation page, where you are asked to confirm if you received the amount of milk we ordered. If you received a different amount you need to confirm this information. Please note the figures given are the number of children who we ordered milk for rather than the number of pints/litres etc.

Will my milk continue if I don’t confirm my deliveries?

Unfortunately due to this process being a mandatory requirement we will not be able to continue your milk supply without your confirmation details. Receiving your confirmation is the only way we can make a claim to the NMRU for the milk supplied and subsequently pay your milkman, which allows us to offer you our service.

Why do I have to provide my number of under 5 children?

Every child under five years of age is entitled to one 189ml portion of milk each day and as your milk agent we arrange the supply of milk for those children. Upon registering an account with us you must provide us with your relevant care certificate which ensures we never exceed your maximum allowed quantity.When providing us with the amount of milk you require it should be for the number of children who will be drinking the milk each day, this will subsequently be the amount of milk we make a claim for from the NMRU.

My school only serves milk to under-5s. Why do I need to advise you when they turn 5?

A child’s entitlement to free milk stops on the Friday before their fifth birthday.

If you wish to advise us of this information monthly, you should ensure that your order reflects the number of children who are under 5 for the whole calendar month (e.g. if you have 50 children under 5 in your setting at the start of January, but 3 of those children turn 5 during January, then your order for January should be for 47 children).

If you wish to advise us of this information weekly, you should ensure that your order reflects the number of children who are under 5 for the whole week (e.g. if you have 20 children under 5 in your setting on Friday 18th January but 1 of those children turns 5 on Wednesday 23rd January, then your order for the week commencing Monday 21st January should be for 19 children).

Order changes should be made by Tuesday 12pm to be effective for the following week.

Unexpected closure and adverse weather conditions

We have not received our milk delivery, what should we do?

Firstly check on our website front page to see if there are any notifications that affect your area.If your milk has not been received by 10:30am then please contact our dedicated Customer Service team either via email at deliveries@coolmilk.com or via telephone. If we have not already done so, we will contact the dairy in order to establish why delivery has not been made. We will ascertain the reason for the delay and notify you of the revised expected delivery time or alternatively, if the dairy is unable to complete the delivery to you we will inform you of this by return notification.

What if the driver has told us that he cannot deliver the milk due to severe weather conditions?

Unfortunately, there will be occasions when the dairy will not be able to fulfil a delivery due to severe weather conditions. On these occasions, no deliveries will take place.

We are closed due to severe weather, what do I do about cancelling our milk order?

You must notify us as soon as possible either via email at amend@coolmilk.com or via telephone. We will attempt to contact the dairy to request deliveries be cancelled at your request. We will endeavour to meet with your request but cannot guarantee that we will be able to cancel the delivery, specifically on the day you notify us, due to the varying times dairymen complete their rounds, and the delivery could have already been made.

We have returned to our premises after a period of closure and found milk outside, what do we do?

You must notify us as soon as possible either via email at deliveries@coolmilk.com or via telephone. After ascertaining how long the milk has been outside, it is up to you to decide whether the milk is fit for consumption. If it is not, then you must dispose of the milk appropriately.