Cool Milk customers, once again, show their support for helping those in need. Customers who chose to donate their account credit to charity, have made it possible to donate £2,000 to get aid from the UK to Ukraine.

The Polish School Lincoln has been at the heart of this humanitarian effort within the county, becoming the main sorting and shipping location for donations across Lincolnshire. The operation is run solely by volunteers and their biggest focus is now logistics; how to ensure this much needed aid gets to Ukraine safely.

The donation made by Cool Milk customers fuelled a large lorry with 2 drivers and funded their ferry crossing. They delivered over 15 tons of aid – toiletries, essential baby items and food. Without the use of a lorry, this amount of aid would have required at least 15 trips in a van.

We were delighted to facilitate this donation on behalf of our wonderful customers and continue to be amazed by their generosity and kindness.