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Why provide school milk?    
Milk is an important part of a child's diet. It is one of the few drinks allowed in school under the latest government's food-based and nutrient-based standards and provides a number of health benefits and social opportunities to ensure children get the most out of the school day.

School milk is also an ideal accompaniment to your school's free fruit scheme - download our factsheet to find out more.

For further information on the benefits of school milk please click here or alternatively, call 0844 854 5886.


Mid-morning snack time factsheet


How can Cool Milk help?

Here at Cool Milk we understand that school milk can be an administrative nightmare for schools; with milk monies to collect from parents, deliveries to sort, and often subsidy claims to prepare for the local authority.

That’s why we partner with local authorities throughout the UK to develop an admin-friendly milk scheme that makes providing school milk easier:

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 The full-school milk scheme includes:
Free milk for children under the age of five

Free milk for children entitled to free school meals*

Subsidised milk for all other children in primary education

No more compiling milk drinking registers

No more
collecting monies from parents

No more
dealing with the dairy

Free fridge (subject to minimum number of drinkers)

Free promotional materials

Award-winning customer support

Making milk available to children everyday can help your school to establish and/or maintain Healthy Schools status.

* Available in selected areas only

For schools with reception or nursery classes, an under-fives only milk scheme is also available- click here to find out more.


Want to find out more?

Check out the case studies from schools throughout the UK that use the Cool Milk scheme.