In partnership NSPCC

Cool Milk helps to raise £2000 for NSPCC!

Cool Milk has raised £2,000 for the NSPCC in the first three months of a new partnership with the leading children’s charity.

We’re supporting the NSPCC in a variety of ways, such as providing premises for the charity to interview and train volunteers for its Schools Service and there are plans for Cool Milk staff to become NSPCC volunteers.

The total donation includes £556 raised through Cool Milk’s Halloween and Christmas events as well as proceeds from the company’s tuck shop. £1,444 was generated from parents who chose to donate any remaining, unused, balance on their accounts.

Claire Campbell, NSPCC Community Fundraising Manager, said, “Cool Milk has made an excellent start to their fundraising partnership.  The team is full of new and interesting ways to fundraise from staff healthy-eating plans, to tuck shop donations and I am thrilled about the positive impact Cool Milk is already starting to have on children’s lives.

“Their company ethos is very in tune with that of the NSPCC and we look forward to more exciting opportunities to collaborate as the relationship grows.”

John Sedgwick, Cool Milk’s Managing Director said, “The NSPCC is a perfect match for us and we are delighted and excited about making a full contribution to their efforts in any way we can. The welfare and health of children is the heart of both of our organisations.”

To become an NSPCC Schools Service volunteer or to find out more, visit, email Sara Parker on [email protected] or call her on 01507451120.