Recover essential costs at your setting

You can claim back for one (1) portion of formula milk per child per day that they are in your care. This is the equivalent to a single 189ml portion, which equates to 6.39 fluid ounces. 

For example:

  • If child 1 attends 10 days in January,
  • child 2 attends 5 days, and
  • child 3 attends 10 days in the same month,
    you can claim back a total of 25 portions.

Simply complete a spreadsheet once a month

  • Download our spreadsheet below and follow the simple instructions
  • Send the spreadsheet and supporting receipts to us
  • Be sure to only purchase one of the 20 brands approved by the NMRU for your claim to be successful. You can find these on our handy PDF, listed below.
  • We then check the claim and reimburse you for the expense of the formula milk

Useful tips for completing your claim


  • Each 800g tub contains 27 portions of formula milk, whereas 900g tubs contain 30 portions
  • When you submit a claim for formula milk, please ensure that you also submit the attendance numbers for your under 1’s on your NMRU account, alongside your attendance numbers for children who receive liquid milk.