With the end of the summer term approaching, why not get ahead of the game and register your new intake for free school milk NOW!

Following the introduction of our upload site – which thousands of schools have already enjoyed using – it’s now even easier to register your children for fresh, chilled school milk.

Just follow the three simple steps below to ensure your new intake enjoy the great benefits that school milk has to offer.

Inform the parents about your school milk scheme

We have produced a template letter that schools can hand to parents to make them aware that you run a school milk scheme. It provides information about school milk and invites parents to opt-out should they not want their child to receive milk.

Download your registration spreadsheet

Download and complete our registration spreadsheet. Our spreadsheet now allows you to easily mark the days your Nursery children attend. By providing this information you will receive the correct amount of milk and not risk over claiming or being charged.

To register each child, you must provide the following information:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Start date
  • SPS status

If returned without any of the above details we will not be able to process your spreadsheet.

Upload your registration spreadsheet

Once you’ve completed your registration spreadsheet, upload it to us at www.coolmilk.com/upload

Make sure you upload it before the summer holidays to ensure that your new intake receive their school milk on their first day.